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Ayurvedic Treatments & Massage
Shirodhara treatment
The massage and treatment services listed below are based on traditional healing
practices of India.
Each treatment is suited to specific qualities of an individual’s dynamic balance.
Regular massages can relieve stress and help to promote a long and healthy life.
In the Indian healing system of Ayurveda, massage is considered a form of whole body
exercise that increases stamina and energy while simultaneously delivering stillness and
joy. Massage realigns the entire body, promotes deeper and more natural breathing
patterns, and helps restore individual resources of vital energy. The moments spent in
massage are an opportunity to experience oneself as completely accepted, a time to be
Abhyanga (ah-be-yong-uh) Massage with herbalized warm oil to relax the
Marma (mar-ma) Massage of specific points and areas on the body to access
prana or life-force energy, bridging physical and mental fields.

Swedana (sway-da-na) Herbal steam therapy to loosen deep seated toxins.

Shirodhara (sheer-oh-dar-ah) A continuous stream of warm oil flowing across
the forehead to induce a very profound relaxed state.

Nasya (nas-ya) Sinus therapy, to cleanse and nourish sinus cavities.

Udvartana (ood-var-ta-na) Massage with dry herb powder or herbal paste to
improve lymphatic circulation and conditions of the skin.

Garshana (gar-shun-ah)  Skin brushing with raw silk gloves to improve lymphatic
circulation. Cleanses the skin allowing subsequent oil and herbal treatments to
penetrate deeply into the pores.

Basti (bah-stee) Enema therapy, to cleanse and nourish the colon.

Specialized Therapies Warmed oil and herb packs on areas that need
strengthening. Kati Basti for low back, Nabhi Basti for digestive organs, and
Netra Basti for eyes and nervous system.

Bolus Treatments (wet or dry heat) Massage with warmed cloth bags of  herbs,
oils, and cooked grains to improve tissue quality. Good for relieving muscle
spasm and fatigue.

Lepa Blended herbal powders mixed with herbal oils, or teas, to make a paste.  
Paste is then applied to specific regions to assist specific organs to detoxify.
Common uses if for liver and kidneys.

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Ayurveda promotes the use of high quality, food-grade ingredients for all treatments.
Our massage oils are purchased from reliable sources. Our herbs are of the finest quality
and our essential oils are therapeutic grade steam distilled or CO2 extraction, no synthetic
fragrances or additives are used.

We take pride in offering our best service to you in all ways.