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Treatment  Prices

Therapeutic and Injury treatment Massage A combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, and
gentle stretching to alleviate pain, stiffness, and sore muscles for treatment or relaxation.  *Other
tools are used if needed.
(Focused areas only for injury treatment)

Abhyangha  Oil Massage
This massage is a whole body treatment that uses beautiful warmed oils (specific to your body
constitution)  massaged over entire body, including face,  scalp, chest and abdomen to improve
circulation of blood and lymph and also to improve digestive functions. Marma or energy points are
also targeted, and use of deep tissue massage as needed.

Traditional Abhyangha Oil Massage is with 2 therapists
$50 dollar addition to any Abhyangha Massage.

Udvartana (dry herb scrub) This Ayurvedic massage uses soft ground herbs, spices and flowers
(dry or in a paste form) known for their medicinal qualities to ex-foliate and cleanse the skin, detoxify
lymph, improve circulation and therapeutic for various skin conditions.  Great for Kapha body types,
toning and improving the skin and weight loss.  

Garshana  Brisk friction massage with raw silk gloves.  Recently featured on Dr. Oz This
therapy will gently ex foliate the skin, help lymphatic drainage, and facilitate weight loss.   

Items listed below are most often added to the above full body treatments

Shirodhara A continuous stream of oil flowing on the             
forehead inducing a very relaxed state.  Excellent for anxiety.                                      


Herbal Steam Therapy
Enjoy detoxifying herbal steam after massage.                                       
Steam heat with essential oils allows muscles to relax, the oils  penetrate deeper, and loosening deep
toxins where gentle sweating allows toxins to then be eliminated.  An Ayurvedic tradition.

Nasya Sinus therapy to cleanse and nourish sinus
cavities.  Herbal Steam inhalation and head and neck massage and dosha specific sinus oil.    

Netra (eye) Basti     
This anti- aging treatment addresses imbalances in the head region
including sinus, eye health, facial wrinkles, mental awareness and mood.
After face massage, and Nasya, eyes are then bathed in ghee to reduce redness,
strain and give luster to the eyes and reduce wrinkles, and it is very relaxing.

Hrid (heart) Basti     
A beautiful and relaxing therapy for assisting in releasing emotions, or stored emotions

Specialized Therapies (Basti)  Warm oil and herb packs on         
areas that need strengthening. Kati Basti for low back,
Nabhi Basti for digestive organ areas, and Netra Basti
for eyes and nervous system.
* Other modalities available: Aromatherapy, Hot Stones, Cupping, Reiki,
Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Marma, Lepa, Swedish,
Moxibustion and Yoga Therapy.

Try a day of
Relaxing Ayurvedic Treatments

These packages of Ayurvedic treatments is
designed to help cleanse and rejuvenate your

Excellent in combination with a home clease.  
This is an example of a typical treatment day

3 hour treatment time
Detox tea
herbal foot soak
Ayurvedic warm oil massage with
(90 min.)
Herbal steam sauna
Shirodhara (bliss treatment)

Deluxe with Consultation
4 hour treatment time
Detox tea
Mini Ayurvedic Consultation 45 min
herbal foot soak
Ayurvedic warm oil massage with
and dosha specific herbal body oil (90
Herbal steam sauna
Shirodhara (bliss treatments)

or email Trish at we can
design a treatment day for you, to suit your
specific needs. There are treatments for skin,
weight loss, emotional release and more...


*weight loss: skin brushing or garsana and
then oil massage with kapha oil, shirodhara
and steam

emotional release: oil massage, shirodhara,
heart basti, chakra balance and steam

rest and renew: oil massage, longer
shirodhara time, massage using ayurvedic
body oils like ashwaghanda-bala or
ksheera-bala, steam.

face and eyes focus: netra basti (ghee bath
for the eyes), marma massage to relax the
mind and facial tension, scalp massage, face
massage, oil massage, shirodhara and steam
 Shirodhara given to a youth
   is helpful in ADD and anxiety disorders